Illustrations & Character Rotation

30 Dec

I made hundreds and thousands of drawings in 2014, however I always keep forgetting to update this blog for some reason. Might be because I tend to keep myself on other art websites. Anyways, here are few of many drawings of mine. I will try to update this place soon with some more of them!


crafty sandy_fin


Character Turn Around Sheet Animation


Animation Update!

31 Mar

I feel a bit bad that I let this blog get dusty for so long. Siiiigh!

But it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t busy making stuff behind the scenes.
Peter Rabbit, Disney-ish Squirrell and Sally from the commissioned Sonic pitch-animation are only a few of these things!
( I find it refreshing to draw in different styles from time to time! )

PeterRabbit_b Squirrel_Animation_byRozaBrozeklittlesallygif

OOAK Artist Dolls

31 Mar

I’ve only been doing it since last summer but I absolutely love sculpting artist dolls.

So unbelievably relaxing. Should have tried it ages ago, haha!

Anyways, sometimes it’s so much fun to make them, that I feel bad parting with them once they are finished and sold. Here are few of them:



You can find more of them in my Etsy store:
I also make custom commissions. Just drop me a note if interested!

Candy Colours

25 May


I have been busy filling my DA with drawings, animations, doodles and etc…I feel like it was quite a successful time so far! I got 2 DD since I joined the site. Yay! I just hope that things will keep going well and that I will keep having spare time to draw my characters. That’s pretty much what I enjoy doing the most! c:

Lately, beside starting two separate webcomics with my characters, I discovered how much I love to colour in PS the rough pencil drawings. So here is one or two or three…

Haily by Roza Brozek

Scarecrow by Roza Brozek


Massive Update

5 Jul

It’s been a while since I updated my blog last time, but trust me, I’ve been buuuussyyy~ ♥
I’ve made tons of illustrations, mostly for my DA account, these are few of them:



[I also finally finished the animation I was working on with my boyfriend]

Moaarr Pandas!

30 May

(A short simple sequences I’ve decided to turn into animated gifs)

I was thinking about making short animation with this character but then I realized that I shouldn’t waste time while there is bigger project waiting to be turned into an animation. I’ve already started to storyboard it and I hope that I will finish it by the end of this year! So excited!


21 May

My movie ”A Shadow of a Man” will be shown in the Edinburgh Filmhouse!